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Karaoke bars in Japan now offer a special voice effect for people singing with masks on

The new effect enhances your voice behind the face mask and is now an option on Joysound karaoke systems

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

When karaoke bars in Japan reopened with new Covid-19 coronavirus safety rules, wearing a face mask was initially classified as essential, except at some venues, where – bizarrely – the singer didn’t have to wear a mask. As more people are masking up, one karaoke chain has developed a special vocal effect for mask wearers. 

Japanese karaoke parlour operator Joysound has just released a brand new effect that enhances a singer’s voice behind the mask. Check out the comparison video from Joysound above, which shows how much of an improvement the new feature is. The singer's voice sounds a lot more crisp and less muffled with the so-called ‘mask effect’ turned on. 

If you’re looking to try this out on your next karaoke outing, the feature is already available at all Joysound-operated karaoke bars, along with venues across Japan which use the Joysound karaoke system.

For tips on how to go out safely in Tokyo, or anywhere for that matter, read our guide.

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