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Nintendo is converting its old Kyoto factory into a new museum

Tentatively named Nintendo Gallery, the museum in Uji, Kyoto is planned to be completed by April 2024

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

If you were hyped up for the opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, then here’s another Nintendo attraction to get excited about. Nintendo now has plans to turn its former factory site in Uji city, Kyoto prefecture into a museum. Tentatively called Nintendo Gallery, the new space is slated to be completed during Japan’s 2023 financial year, which means it should be ready before April 1 2024

The museum will sit on the site of the former Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant and will highlight the company’s extensive history of making toys and games. There’s not a whole lot of detail on the museum just yet, but Nintendo has shared that it will showcase the many products the company has launched over the years, going back to its early days as a maker of hanafuda playing cards back in 1889.

The Nintendo Uji Ogura Plant was built in 1969 and was initially used for manufacturing cards as well as offering repairs for toys and, later, game consoles. In 1988, Nintendo opened another factory nearby and in 2016, the new factory took over all the functions of the old plant.

After much discussion, Nintendo decided to convert the original Uji Ogura Plant into a museum. Although the artist’s impression of the building leaves a lot to the imagination, this is a big deal for Nintendo. The company is known for being highly secretive about its culture and design process, so this museum will finally give fans an inside look at Nintendo.

Although the Nintendo Gallery won’t be open for a few years, it’s definitely given us something to look forward to – hopefully by the time it’s fully open, Japan will be again, too.

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