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Save your eggs: there’s now an egg shortage in Japan

Some convenience stores are cutting back on egg products due to a bird flu outbreak and soaring egg prices

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Things are not looking eggcellent in poultry farming these days. As reported by NHK News, egg prices have soared in Japan due to an unprecedented outbreak of bird flu since mid-January. The report also states that the rising cost of feed due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine has had an impact on egg prices.

The bird flu outbreak has also resulted in a shortage of eggs – even everyday stores like 7-Eleven are affected. Another NHK News report states that 7-Eleven will suspend about 15 of their egg products for the time being including soft-boiled eggs. Additionally, other popular convenience store staples such as sandwiches will have their recipes revised to include less egg and more ham and vegetables.

Due to the outbreak, over 12 million birds have been culled this season – a record high for Japan. 

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