Stay Home Exhibition

See photographs taken in quarantine at the online ‘Stay Home Exhibition’

This online show from Herbie Yamaguchi and ArtSticker has photographers finding beauty even in self-isolation


Being in quarantine has been a challenge for many, especially because there are only so many things we can do at home. While many tourist attractions and shopping centres have closed during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, museums and art galleries have decided to put paintings, sculptures and installations online, so people can access art without leaving their homes. 

Instead of digitising a physical art show, Japanese photographer Herbie Yamaguchi has curated a free online-exclusive exhibition called ‘Stay Home’ on the ArtSticker app. The show invites photographers around the world to contribute by sharing photos taken from their homes. Whether it’s a photo of their bedroom, their breakfast, pets or even a view from the window, Yamaguchi hopes that this will give artists and viewers an opportunity to get creative while staying indoors.

Stay Home Exhibition – quarantine photographs


Photo:『新しい飛行ルートとスーパームーン 2020』© Herbie Yamaguchi


The exhibition is completely free, however, if you want to support any of the contributing artists, you can simply click on the ‘support’ button to donate anywhere from ¥120 to ¥12,000.

'Stay Home' currently boasts over 140 photographs by 38 artists and will run until May 6. If you'd like to contribute, simply sign up for a free membership on the ArtSticker app and submit up to five pieces to, along with your name, portfolio, exhibition history and awards, and username before May 3.


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