Six region-exclusive KitKats are now available across Japan, including Hokkaido melon

These regional flavours are now available across the country to help boost domestic tourism

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Sometimes the best part about travelling around Japan is trying out all the local and regional specialities. KitKat has certainly banked on this idea, offering covetable KitKat flavours that are exclusive to certain parts of the country. 

However, as Covid-19 has adversely affected the tourism industry in Japan, KitKat has decided to make these regional-exclusive KitKats available nationwide. There’s a catch though: these KitKats have added ¥10 to the retail price, where the extra proceeds will be donated to the respective regions in collaboration with the Japan Tourism Promotion Association. 

Four regional KitKats have been released across the country so far, with two more to follow on November 24 and December 7 respectively. The special KitKats are: Onsen Manju (inspired by onsen areas in the country), Shinshu Apple (from the Shinshu region of Japan), Strawberry Cheesecake (a Yokohama special), Tokyo Banana, Hokkaido Melon, and Beni Imo (the purple sweet potato of Okinawa). 

You can find these KitKats at major drug stores, supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.


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