Starbucks is releasing special merchandise for its 25th anniversary in Japan

Limited-edition drinkware and souvenirs will be on sale from April 14 – and we have the full price list

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

Starbucks in Japan is about so much more than just coffee and tea. Aside from being housed in stunning architecture across the country, Starbucks Japan is famous for its special range of merchandise, with many items that are only available here, like the company’s recent spring cherry blossom collections

Although Starbucks has been around for 50 years, the coffeehouse chain only entered Japan 25 years ago, setting up its very first location in glitzy Ginza back in 1996. Now, Starbucks operates a whopping 1,600 stores across the country and Tokyo is even home to one of the world’s few Starbucks Reserve Roastery megastores. 

To commemorate its 25th birthday, Starbucks Japan is releasing a special anniversary collection featuring limited-edition drinkware and souvenirs. The new range will go on sale in stores and online on Wednesday April 14. To get a sneak peek at what’s coming, check out the entire collection below, along with the price list. 

Starbucks Japan 25th Anniversary
Photo: Starbucks Japan
  1. 25 Years glass tumbler (¥2,640)
  2. Starbucks Roots stainless steel bottle (¥4,840)
  3. Siren tail silicon strap bottle (¥2,420)
  4. Starbucks Roots curved stainless bottle (¥4,290)
  5. Collectable stacking mugs (¥2,200 each, online only) 
  6. 25 Years Bearista (¥3,630)
  7. Starbucks Roots tumbler (¥1,980)
  8. 25 Years stainless steel bottle (¥4,620)
  9. Bearista cold cup tumbler red (¥2,090)
  10. Icons Circle tumbler (¥1,980)
  11. Starbucks Roots heat-resistant glass mug (¥2,200)
  12. Starbucks Roots mini cup gift (¥1,045)
  13. Collectable coffee cherry glass cold cup (¥1,760)
  14. Icons loops stainless steel to-go cup tumbler (¥3,960)
  15. Starbucks Roots beverage card (¥682)
  16. 25 Years snow gloves cup (¥4,290)
  17. No 25 whip cap stainless steel jar tumbler (¥3,740)
  18. No 25 mug (¥2,310)

The special merchandise is just the beginning of the anniversary celebrations as Starbucks is planning a number of special events between April and August of this year. So be sure to keep an eye on your local Starbucks to see what else is in store in the coming months.

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