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Survey: Osaka and Nagoya are among the most stressful cities in the world for driving

A new study by Hiyacar ranked both Japanese cities in the top ten most stressful cities in the world to drive in

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Kaila Imada

It’s no question that traffic goes hand-in-hand with any big, busy city. Throw in some confusing roads and loud noise and a daily car commute can be anxiety-inducing. A recent study by Hiyacar, a peer-to-peer car rental service from the UK, ranked cities by how stressful they are to drive in and two cities in Japan made the top ten list. 

According to the report, Mumbai, Paris and Jakarta are the top three most stressful cities for drivers. Surprisingly, Japan’s most stressful driving is in Nagoya, which ranks seventh in the world, with Osaka following in tenth place.

The study examined the world’s 36 most populated cities, giving each an overall score out of ten based on several factors: number of vehicles in each city, severity of traffic congestion, quality of roads, public transport options, number of traffic accidents per year and the density of each city. Nagoya scored a 5.1 out of ten, trailing behind New York (5.6) and Kuala Lumpur (5.3), while Osaka scored a 4.9, tying with Mexico City and coming in just behind London (5.0).

Lucky for us, Tokyo didn’t make the top ten list, but the capital isn’t far behind in 15th place with a score of 4.7. Tokyo tied with four other cities including Chicago, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro and Bangalore.

While Mumbai topped the list with a score of 7.4, the title of least stressful city to drive in goes to Lima, Peru with a score of just 2.1.

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