Bulgari Serpenti Sparkle 2022
Photo: teamLabBulgari Serpenti Sparkle 2022

The Serpenti snake on the Bulgari Ginza store is a teamLab light show controlled by you

Bulgari Serpenti Sparkle 2022 is an interactive installation, where you can change its colours with your smartphone

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

While teamLab boasts impressive showcases around Tokyo, including the immersive teamLab Planets museum, there are also a surprising number of free teamLab exhibitions to enjoy. The latest, just in time for the holiday season, is the return of the art collective's dazzling interactive installation at the Bulgari flagship store in Ginza, which last appeared during the 2019-20 holiday season. 

Bulgari Serpenti Sparkle 2022 takes over the massive Bulgari Ginza Tower by lighting up the brand's iconic Serpenti snake icon, which you can manipulate with different colours and patterns through your smartphone.

To activate the installation, simply scan the QR code shown outside the building. From there, you’ll be led to this website where you can select your favourite colour or pattern to showcase on the massive Serpenti encircling the building. Once chosen, just swipe up and the colour or pattern you’ve chosen will be directly transferred onto the snake.

Bulgari Ginza Tower is located at 2-7-12 Ginza, Chuo. The installation starts once the sun goes down from 5pm and is available until midnight.

For more information on Bulgari Serpenti Sparkle 2022, visit the website.

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