These amazing illustrations show what Tokyo would look like in ruins

Japanese CG artist Tokyo Genso is creating stunning images depicting the capital reclaimed by nature

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

As Tokyo remains under a state of emergency due to the ongoing Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the streets have been looking pretty empty lately. Although we all hope for some kind of a return to normal in the near future, we can’t help but wonder: what would Tokyo actually look like if it was left deserted?

As a somewhat exaggerated example, the Japanese CG artist Tokyo Genso has drawn up a collection of dystopia-inspired images of Tokyo in ruins, showing some areas completely reclaimed by nature.

These illustrations were done long before the pandemic hit, but the beautiful, quiet images seem to mirror the current situation, albeit taken to the extreme. Get a look at Shibuya overrun with vines, a crumbling depiction of ritzy Ginza, pools of water surrounding the usually packed Shinjuku Station, and more.

Tokyo Genso
Photo: Tokyo Genso/Facebook

Aside from Tokyo’s most famous neighbourhoods, the artist has also covered Tokyo landmarks such as the Rainbow Bridge, Hanayashiki Amusement Park in Asakusa, and even the newly constructed Japan National Stadium, the flagship venue for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

If you’re a fan of Tokyo Genso’s artwork, you can purchase an official artbook online, filled with the same beautifully lush depictions of Tokyo. New artwork goes up on Tokyo Genso’s Twitter page frequently, too. As stunning as the images are, we do hope the pandemic won’t actually push Tokyo to this stage – we prefer our imaginations to run wild, not the city itself.

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