This Japanese company will print your business card onto your face mask

Japan’s famous business card exchange ritual is getting an update for the age of Covid-19

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

In Japan, your meishi business card – and the way you hand it to someone else – is a crucial part of office life. The art of the meishi exchange has never been replaced by email introductions or LinkedIn invites, but these new business card face masks aim to do just that. Even before the pandemic, wearing face masks in Japan was a common sight, but to help limit the spread of Covid-19, businesses have been looking for inventive ways to minimise contact between workers.

That’s where these new face masks come in. The meishi masks keep your personal business card info right on your face and could be especially helpful as name tags during conferences and meetings. After all, it’s hard to forget someone’s name when it’s literally written right under their nose. 

The reusable cotton meishi masks are made to order by Nagaya Printing. Just head to the T-Shirt Project website and create your custom mask for ¥1,500 each. You’ll need to submit a digital copy of your business card to have it printed on the mask.

Business card face masks
Photo: Nagaya Printing Co., Ltd.

The 100 percent cotton face masks are composed of a three-layer structure that’s also antibacterial. Two mask sizes are available: one for adults (14cm x 18cm) and a smaller size (12cm x 14cm) for children. Children's masks are ¥1,300 each. The mask also has adjustable straps to help it fit snugly on your face.

If you’d rather not put all your personal information on the front of your face, the shop also allows you to freely design your own mask with prints such as animal faces and other decorative patterns. 

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