This Japanese hotel in Kanazawa is offering free accommodation to tourists stuck in Japan

Kaname Inn is offering free stays to foreign tourists stranded in Japan, whose flights are cancelled due to coronavirus

Kasey Furutani
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Kasey Furutani

Covid-19 coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the world, causing cancelled flights and entry bans, stranding tourists abroad. Unable to return home, travellers are finding themselves stuck in a foreign country for an unforeseeable amount of time. 

Kaname Inn Tatemachi, a family-owned hotel located in Kanazawa in western Japan, is offering free accommodation to international tourists stranded in Japan. The Room for Rescue project is giving a temporary home to tourists whose flights have been cancelled and are unable to return to their home country. To apply for accommodation, email Kaname Inn Tatemachi ( with the subject line 'Room for Rescue' and include details of your stay: your name, nationality, number of adults and children, requested check-in and check-out dates, and cancelled flight number.

Kaname Inn Room for Rescue
Photo: Kaname Inn

Interested in helping? The Room for Rescue project is crowdfunded, so donate here and support Kaname Inn in their act of kindness. Donations of ¥20,000 or more will receive a voucher for a one-night stay, including meals and a private sightseeing tour, redeemable once the world reopens again. 

Kanazawa is known for its traditional chaya (teahouse) districts and the Kenrokuen Garden, one of the top three landscape gardens in Japan. Especially popular during cherry blossom season, Kanazawa has recently been added to the tourist radar after receiving its own bullet train line in 2015. Located in the city centre, Kaname Inn Tatemachi boasts 38 rooms in addition to a separate hostel and music bar. 

The hotel is accepting applications until May 15 at 5pm, for stays until May 31. Only confirmed reservations will be accepted – no walk-ins.  For more information on applying for accommodation or how to donate, see the official website

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