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This new cheese box subscription delivers real French cheese to your door

Tokyo’s Le Comptoir will send you a fine selection of imported European cheese every month

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Dina Kartit

Cheese connoisseurs in Japan, this new delivery subscription should satisfy your cravings. Launched just this month, Le Comptoir says it’s the first online shop in Japan to offer monthly subscription boxes filled with imported cheese.

Le Comptoir has three different boxes of specially selected European cheese, with amounts varying from month to month. The Cheese Discovery Box (¥3,990 per month) offers two or three varieties of cheese weighing in at roughly 400g in total and is ideal for cheese newbies. The shop’s bestselling Cheese Tasting Box (¥5,990 per month) has a total of 500g to 700g of three or four different cheeses. Meanwhile, for the experienced palates out there, the Cheese Sharing Box (¥7,990 per month) has three or more kinds of cheese coming up to roughly 700g.  

The wide selection of cheese means there’s something for every taste, with soft creamy camembert, piquant blue Roquefort, sharp fruity Comté, and more from France, Italy, Switzerland and other European countries. 

Le Comptoir will deliver the cheese boxes anywhere in Japan for a flat rate of ¥770. Plus, the subscription is flexible, so you can choose to get a box delivered monthly or just every two or three months. 

If you need help deciding on your cheese preferences, you can take a free online survey (in Japanese only) on the company website, with results sent by email. Subscribers can also learn how to savour each cheese through Le Comptoir's special online classes and videos, which include tips and even French recipes.

The subscription plans are limited, so don’t wait too long before signing up.

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