Pokemon manhole cover
Photo: The Pokémon Company

Two new Pokémon manhole covers have appeared in Tokyo's Ueno Park

Visit two major museums in Ueno to see new Pokéfuta featuring Wynaut, Tyrunt, Baltoy and Bronzor

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Youka Nagase

Japan’s Pokémon manhole covers, or Pokéfuta, are slowly but surely making their way across the country. Tokyo was a little late to the party, only getting its very first Pokéfuta at Serigaya Park in Machida last August. Now, two more have been installed outside two major museums in Ueno – the Tokyo National Museum  and National Museum of Nature and Science.

Pokemon manhole cover
Photo: The Pokémon Company

One of the new Pokéfuta features Wynaut and the dinosaur-like Tyrunt, while the other has a pattern showing Baltoy and Bronzor. The latter pair looks like some of the ancient artefacts you’ll find at the museums. 

You can find the exact locations of the manhole covers on the official Pokéfuta website, along with the locations of all the others across the country. Not only are they a decorative addition to the city, but these covers also serve as Pokéstops for Pokémon Go mobile game.

Since 2019, Pokémon-themed manhole covers have been installed all over Japan as part of the Pokémon Local Acts project. They’ve been installed at over 150 locations, and the covers each have distinctive art featuring different pocket monsters.

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