Watch these performances of the Yamato taiko drummers for free on YouTube

Don’t miss these eight stunning taiko drum shows filmed in picturesque locations around Nara

Emma Steen
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Emma Steen

In February, Japanese taiko troupe Yamato live-streamed a series of drumming performances for the world to watch online for free. Good news: these eight recordings are still available on the troupe’s YouTube channel

Each of the performances are carried out in a different part of Asuka village in Nara prefecture, where the group originates. At a time when international travel is virtually impossible, the chance to see some of the lesser known parts of Japan (as a backdrop to these powerful performances) is a rare treat. Venues include the historical Okadera Temple and the breathtaking Asukanotanada rice terraces. 

Here are all eight of the performances for you to enjoy from home: 

The Beat of the Prayer Vol 1, performed at Ishibutai Kofun

The Beat of the Prayer Vol 2, performed at Asukadera Temple 

The Beat of the Prayer Vol. 3, performed at Asukanotanada rice terraces

The Beat of the Prayer Vol. 4, performed at Gufukuji Temple 

The Beat of the Prayer Vol. 5, performed at the Kitorakofun

The Beat of the Prayer Vol. 6, performed at Asukaniimasu Shrine

The Beat of the Prayer Vol. 7, performed at Okadera Temple 

The Beat of the Prayer Vol. 8, performed at the top of Amakashi Hill

While there’s no certainty when it will be safe for us to attend live performances in person again, the spirit and energy of these drummers are powerful enough to make the performances worth watching all the way through.

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