Watch: this Pikachu ASMR video is the distraction you need right now

The official Pokémon YouTube channel released this 15-minute video to soothe our souls

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

ASMR videos can be strangely addictive, whether it be soothing voices, chopping vegetables or the satisfying sounds of capybaras eating a pumpkin. Recently, Pokémon have been getting in on the act, with adorable ASMR videos turning up on the official Pokémon YouTube channel.

The latest installment is a 15-minute-long video where you can watch Pikachu jump around a house and even take a quick snooze. You’ll also get to hear Pikachu’s signature high-pitched voice saying ‘pika pika’ throughout the video. 

There’s not a whole lot going on – it is ASMR, after all – and the video is rather calming, but if you’d prefer another Pokémon character, check out these ASMR videos of Squirtle on a beach, Charmander napping by a fire.

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