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What Time Out Tokyo editors are doing while staying home

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Wherever we are in the world right now, it's likely we're all staying home. How will you spend your glorious weekend indoors? Here's what the Time Out Tokyo staff is getting up to on the weekend, from live-stream events and Netflix to books and delectable homemade food and bevvies – all without setting foot outside. 

Lim Chee Wah, Editor-in-Chief 

'I'm engrossed by the latest and final season of "Homeland", which has led me to reread Anand Gopal’s "No Good Men Among The Living". This engaging read takes a humanising look at the war in Afghanistan, told through three different perspectives: an insurgent Taliban fighter, a powerful member of the Afgan government, and a village housewife. Otherwise, I’m being very promiscuous with my Netflix watching, switching from "The Blacklist" to "Freud" to "Pose" without fully committing to any one. Oh, and Pokémon Go has been a constant companion, too; I’m catching whatever Pokemon I can "lure" to within the vicinity of my apartment and battling with random trainers around the world through Go Battle League.'

Kit Kriewaldt, Sub-editor 

'I've been slowly inching my way through the final season of "Bojack Horseman" on Netflix. It's partly because I'm putting off the end of the show, but also a bit of emotional self-preservation – this season is... heavy. Since seeing the gloriously fun murder mystery "Knives Out" three times at the cinema, I've also been on a bit of a whodunit kick, so I'm rereading John Dickson Carr's horror-whodunit "The Burning Court". It's such a perfectly balanced blend of the two genres. I just wish Carr had sparked as many imitators as Agatha Christie did, so I'd have something to read next!'

Kaila Imada, Editor 

'I've mainly been spending my time catching up on all the Netflix recommendations that were sent my way, as well as a few K-dramas – my guilty pleasure. I really enjoyed the Korean drama "Crash Landing on You", and the second season of "Kingdom". I am also spending a lot more time in my kitchen cooking with new recipes. My go-to sites are Smitten Kitchen and Food52. I recently ordered a taiyaki press online and have been baking up a storm, too.'

Youka Nagase, Editorial Assistant

'I've decided that this is the best time to finally get my hands on the "Harry Potter" books which have been sitting on my shelf for over a decade now. I just started the fourth book earlier this week, and I’m hoping I’ll get to finish it over the weekend since I have zero plans to leave my apartment (besides walking my dog). I also have plans for a Zoom session with a couple of friends to tie-dye some clothes together, which is the kind of therapeutic remedy I need from all this chaos. Last, but definitely not least, re-watch Netflix’s "Tiger King". This docu-series couldn’t have come out at a better time, because I binged the entire thing in a day!'

Tabea Greuner, Writer

'Since we are not able to enjoy the cherry blossoms outdoors this year, I am planning an indoor hanami picnic together with my partner. I thought of baking some spring- and Easter-themed cookies, plus a traditional German Easter bread, that would go well with a variety of whipped dalgona coffee creations. In the living room, I will set up a pink picnic blanket and play some VR cherry blossom videos on YouTube.'

Kasey Furutani, Writer 

'Being inside has dried out my skin, so I'll pile on moisturising products to keep my skin hydrated in this tepid indoor air. While the essence and lotion sink into my pores, I’ll get some reading done – I'm currently reading "Emma" by Jane Austen to familiarise myself with the western literary canon and "The Wandering" by Intan Paramaditha, a grown-up choose-your-own-adventure book translated from Indonesian. Of course, I miss the izakaya life, so I'll try my hand at some DIY lemon sours to pair with yakitori from the konbini.' 

Emma Steen, Writer 

'I've been listening to a lot of books on Audible lately because it keeps me entertained as I'm doing laundry or washing dishes. I just finished 'Know My Name' by Chanel Miller, which was devastating, but also heartfelt and beautifully written, so I'd recommend it to anyone. On Netflix, I've mostly been rewatching episodes from my favorite shows like "Archer" and "The Inbetweeners" as I wait for the latest episode of "Terrace House" to come out. I spend a lot of time on YouTube too – "Binging with Babish" has given me a ton of ideas for what to make at home this week.'

Jessica Thompson, Writer 

'I didn't realise just how much I eat out in Tokyo until now, so I'm using the time to catch up on years of home-cooking. I was given a pasta machine for my birthday earlier this year; the first time I used it was a sticky disaster, the second time a dream, so I’m going to see how the third time goes. Japanese ingredients work so well with pasta (mentaiko and cream; mushrooms with butter and soy sauce – yes!), so I just need to nail the pasta part. I’ll be thinking about that herb garden I’ve always wanted to make on the deck, seeing how many cherry blossoms I can get a glimpse of at a safe social distance, and drinking spring sake for on-nomi dates with friends.'

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