Photo: Kisa Toyoshima

6 joyous Christmas markets in Tokyo

Ditch the department stores and head to these Christmas markets for gift shopping and festive food

Contributor: Emma Steen

Christmas in Tokyo is a mind-boggling mashup of traditions, with fancy cakes, KFC chicken buckets (yes, really) and romantic dinners on Christmas Eve.

Continental-style markets, however, still play a prominent role in the lead-up to the big day. The German influence is the most pronounced, probably due to the year-round popularity of beer, which often appears to be the main attraction.

If you find shopping for Christmas presents stressful, having a hot cup of mulled wine in hand should take the edge off things as you peruse the festive stalls. Just be careful with that stuff – one too many ladles of glühwein and you'll be buying more gifts for your relatives than you bargained for.

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