Best things to do on a summer night in Tokyo

Make the most of those warm nights in the city with our essential list of top things to do in summer after dark
川越氷川神社 縁むすび風鈴
川越氷川神社 縁むすび風鈴
By Mari Hiratsuka |

Tokyo becomes boisterous and energetic once the heat cranks up. After going through our list of the best summer festivals and enjoying lots of cooling kakigori, you'll be wondering if there's anything you can do after dark. From wandering bars to DJ sets in an aquarium, make sure to use our guide to make the most of these steamy summer nights. Oh, and don't forget the summer fireworks festivals, too.

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Best things to do on a summer night

Bars and pubs

Track down a wandering bar

Twillo | Go on a midnight adventure in search of this wandering alcohol cart in Tokyo. The only way to find them is by following the hints in their cryptic Twitter posts. Twillo also has a BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) policy – definitely do so, as the only offerings here are drinks served in classy Baccarat crystal glass and Cuban cigars. The owner finds a way to open his stall on a daily basis; you just need to find it.

Restaurants, Contemporary European

Riverside drinks at a hidden French restaurant

icon-location-pin Kaminoge

Lunatique Tokioplage | While this shabby apartment building might not look like a fancy French restaurant, you’ll be surprised to see what you find inside. Lunatique TokioPlage strips away all the rules and standards and provides you with only the essentials: good food and superb wine. Once inside, buy a ticket from a vending machine, wait for your number to be called and carry your meal to your seat. What they lack in customer service they make up for in bang for your buck: their ‘Beef Fillet Steak with Foie Gras’ is only ¥1,389, and wine is ¥2,300 per bottle.

Things to do

Take the twilight hike challenge

icon-location-pin Takaosan

Mt Takao |popular day trip for hiking, Mt Takao isn’t just a daytime destination; it has much to explore at night too. If you’re worried about hiking on your own or if you simply want to see some flying squirrels out and about, sign up for the ‘Twilight Hike’ on September 15 to experience hiking in the dark, with lighting provided by MontBell’s headlamps.


Watch the mysterious scenery of factories at night

Factory night cruise | Don’t sneak into a random factory (because that’s illegal), but sign up for a factory night cruise that will take you along mysterious canals, twinkling cranes and power plants. Plain old factories might not catch your attention during the day, but the dystopian beauty of the factories at night is a sight to behold.

Book your cruise here.

Attractions, Historic buildings and sites

Start working out at night

icon-location-pin Chiyoda

Imperial Palace | The Imperial Palace (or rather, the path along the moat) is one of the most popular places to run in Tokyo. You can enjoy the twinkling lights of the city, or look down into the moat that once protected the Emperor and Empress, while running the 5km course.

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