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Live updates: Japan's medal tally at the Tokyo Paralympics

Cheering for Team Japan? Keep tabs on the latest Tokyo 2020 wins with our medal count

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Kaila Imada

After a heartfelt opening ceremony, the Tokyo Paralympics are now underway until Sunday September 5. If you’re hoping to get in on all the action, you can watch the Games for free online, or even enjoy a number of Paralympic-related activities around Tokyo including visiting these picture-perfect Paralympic installations.

There’s a staggering number of competitions lined up over the next 11 days, with 539 events scheduled across 22 different sports. Due to the different Paralympic impairment classifications, there are more medals up for grabs than at the Olympics.

As of September 5, Japan has won a total of 51 medals:

13 gold
15 silver
23 bronze

To help you stay on top of all the action, we’re keeping track of Japan’s medal count each day. Here’s the full breakdown.

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Japan’s medal tally

Day 12: September 5

Total: 4 gold medals, 1 silver medal, 5 bronze medals

Sarina Satomi, Yuma Yamazaki,  gold medal, Badminton: Women's Doubles WH

Daiki Kajiwara, gold medal, Badminton: Men's Singles WH2

Misato Michishita, gold medal, Athletics: Women's Marathon - T12

Tomoki Sato, gold medal, Athletics: Men's 1500m - T52

Team Japan, silver medal, Wheelchair Basketball: Men

Daiki Kajiwara, Hiroshi Murayama, bronze medal, Badminton: Men's Doubles WH

Daisuke Fujihara, Akiko Sugino, bronze medal, Badminton: Mixed Doubles SL3-SU5

Yuma Yamazaki, bronze medal, Badminton: Women's Singles WH2

Tsutomu Nagata, bronze medal, Athletics: Men's Marathon - T46

Tadashi Horikoshi, bronze medal, Athletics: Men's Marathon - T12


Day 10: September 3

Total: 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 2 bronze medals

Keiko Sugiura, gold medal, Cycling Road: Women's C1-3 Road Race

Keiichi Kimura, gold medal, Swimming: Men's 100m Butterfly - S11

Tomoki Sato, gold medal, Athletics: Men's 400m - T52 Final

Yuki Oya, silver medal, Athletics: Men's 100m - T52

Yui Yamiji, silver medal, Wheelchair Tennis: Women's Singles

Uchu Tomita, silver medal, Swimming: Men's 100m Butterfly - S11

Team Japan, bronze medal, Goalball: Women

Team Japan, bronze medal, Athletics: 4x100m Universal Relay


Day 8: September 1

Total: 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal

Hidetaka Sugimura, gold medal, Boccia: Individual - BC2

Keiichi Kimura, silver medal, Swimming: Men's 100m Breaststroke - SB11

Day 7: August 31

Total: 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal

Keiko Sugiura, gold medal, Cycling Road: Women's C1-3 Time Trial

Shinya Wada, silver medal, Athletics: Men's 1500m - T11


Day 6: August 30

Total: 1 silver medal, 1 bronze medal

Takayuki Suzuki, silver medal, Swimming: Men's 200m Freestyle - S4

Uchu Tomita, bronze medal, Swimming: Men's 200m Individual Medley - SM11


Day 4: August 28

Total: 1 silver medal, 3 bronze medals

Hideki Uda, silver medal, Triathalon: Men's PTS4

Takayuki Suzuki, bronze medal, Swimming: Men's 150m Individual Medley - SM4

Maki Ito, bronze medal, Table Tennis: Women's Singles - Class 11

Satoru Yoneoka, bronze medal, Triathalon: Men's PTVI

Day 3: August 27

Total: 1 gold, 1 silver medal, 3 bronze medals

Tomoki Sato, gold medal, Athletics: Men's 400m - T52

Kenya Karasawa, silver medal, Athletics: Men's 5000m - T11

Shinya Wada, bronze medal, Athletics: Men's 5000m - T11

Yujiro Seto, bronze medal, Judo: Men -66kg

Hirokazu Ueyonabaru, bronze medal, Athletics: Men's 400m - T52


Day 2: August 26

Total: 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal

Takayuki Suzuki, gold medal, Swimming: Men's 100m Freestyle - S4

Uchu Tomita, silver medal, Swimming: Men's 400m Freestyle - S11

Day 1: August 25

Total: 1 silver medal, 1 bronze medal

Miyuki Yamada, silver medal, Swimming: Women's 100m Backstroke – S2

Takayuki Suzuki, bronze medal, Swimming: Men's 50m Breaststroke - SB3

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