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Things to do this week in Tokyo

This week’s hottest events, gigs, films, festivals and more

When you're spending time in a city as big as Tokyo, it's never too early to start planning for the week ahead. You can pack a lot of living into seven days, whether you're someone who likes to spend an afternoon at the museum or prefers to stay out late clubbing. We've sifted through hundreds of listings to weed out a handful of the week's best events, gigs, festivals and things to do.

The best things to do this week

Tea for Peace

The team behind the Farmer's market at UNU are at it again: this time, they're bring a love of tea to the courtyard in front of Aoyama's United Nations University. Black tea, green tea, white tea; roasted, fermented, or smoked, there's no discrimination here. Expect tea farmers, tea blenders and tea masters mingling with regular tea lovers geeking out over leaves in the calmest, low-key caffeinated of atmospheres. As the organisers put it, 'in this world... hot tea falls into our cups, not bombs.' Hippie as it may sound, that's something we can get behind. 

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United Nations University , Aoyama Until Sunday March 18 2018

Koganecho Artist in Residence Exhibition

Started as a project to revitalise what was previously a red light district with more than a tad of sketchiness, the annual Koganecho Artist in Residence (Koganecho AIR) has grown to be a proper artistic showcase in its own right, with the founding organisation, Koganecho Management Center, even winning a Japan Foundation award for their efforts. Spread across different galleries and studios between Yokohama's Koganecho and Hinodecho stations, the artists who occupied those spaces in the previous year will showcase the works they made during that time. Last year's event attracted a good 38,000 visitors, while 481 artists groups have participated since its founding in 2009. This year's event includes residents such as Sakura Alice Motomura, Mio Amakusa, Zenping Liao, and many more – check the website for full details. 

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Koganecho , Koganecho Until Sunday March 18 2018

Morikazu Kumagai: The Joy of Life

Known for his simple and colourful depictions of landscapes and animals – mainly cats – Morikazu Kumagai (1880-1977) lived an eventful life. Born in Gifu, he left for Tokyo at 17 to become a painter, worked in Sakhalin and even had his vivid works exhibited in Paris in the ’60s. Marking 40 years since Kumagai's death, the National Museum of Modern Art presents this extensive retrospective, exhibiting more than 200 pieces that cover the entirety of his lengthy career. 

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The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo , Takebashi Until Wednesday March 21 2018

Lindt White Chocolate Sakura Ice Drinks

Famous Swiss chocolatier Lindt's sakura selection includes a cherry blossom drink and a new type of macaron. The Lindt White Chocolate Sakura Ice Drink is a sweet favourite, with a slightly salty sakura flavour. It's a blend of melting white chocolate, Amarena cherry syrup and a purée of Morello cherries. The Lindt Delice Sakura macaron is this season's jackpot, with it being powdered in gold.

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Lindt Chocolat Café Jiyugaoka , Jiyugaoka Until Sunday April 1 2018

Teppanyaki Strawberry Dorayaki

Always looking for new ways to surprise both your eyes and taste buds, the innovative chefs at Grand Hyatt Tokyo's teppanyaki restaurant Keyakizaka have come up with another delicious-looking fusion creation for winter 2018. A tuned-up version of the dorayaki (castella pancake sandwich filled with sweet red bean paste), a traditional Japanese favourite, the Teppanyaki Strawberry Dorayaki is made with a whole Amao brand-name strawberry, Hokkaido bean paste and brown sugar castella cake. It comes with a strawberry sorbet on the side for that finishing touch, and is available from January 8 through March 31.

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Keyakizaka , Roppongi Until Saturday March 31 2018

Impressionist Masterpieces from the Buehrle Collection

Swiss business man and art enthusiast Emil Georg Buehrle (1890-1956) collected a variety of masterpieces from famous impressionists. The collection ranges from 17th-century Dutch paintings to 20th-century paintings from a miscellaneous group of famous artists. It's also the first and possibly last time you'll be able to see these pieces in Tokyo, as they will be transferred to the Kunsthaus Zurich in 2020, a Swiss art museum located on a hill overlooking Lake Zurich, after touring museums across Japan. 

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The National Art Center, Tokyo (NACT) , Nogizaka Until Monday May 7 2018

Shuntaro Tanikawa Exhibition

One of the leading poets of contemporary Japan, Shuntaro Tanikawa, gets the limelight for this exhibition at Hatsudai's Opera City. Tanikawa's work covers a broad palette of genres, from composing the lyrics for the anime-classic Astro Boy theme song, the Japanese translation of The Peanuts, and collaborative works with leading Japanese artists, such as movie director Kon Ichikawa and composer Toru Takemitsu. Approaching his 86th birthday, Tanikawa still captivates his readers with his fresh and dynamic words. Look forward to exclusive poems especially written for this occasion, get to know his favourite music pieces and look through private family-photographs of the past. Don't miss the collaboration works with interface designer Yugo Nakamura, and musician Keigo Oyamada (aka Cornelius).

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Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery , Hatsudai Until Sunday March 25 2018