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The best French fries in America

Head to these spots for the best French fries in America, from crispy and salty spuds to delicious pommes frites

Salty Sow
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Karen L.

Few cravings are as potent as those for French fries: those hot, crispy, salty potatoes that taste just as good all on their own as they do piled next to the best burgers in America. Invariably one of the most-ordered dishes at the best chain restaurants in America and definitely at eateries serving the best hangover food ever, we can’t resist these deep-fat-fried spuds. Here are the best French fries in America, from pommes frites to poutine and everything in between.

Best French fries in America

Potato Champion
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/C M.

Pulled pork fries at Potato Champion in Portland, OR

East Portland

Specializing in hand-cut, twice-fried Belgian-style fries, this popular late-night spot offers a menu of wildly inventive takes on poutine, those gravy- and cheese curd-topped taters that hail from Quebec. The classic version is delicious, but we’re partial to an Americanized take that spoons rich BBQ pulled pork over perfectly crisp fries.

North County
Photograph: Courtesy North County

Carne asada fries at North County in Denver, CO


Inspired by the Mexamerican fare typical of Baja, California, this Denver spot features a menu heavy on fish tacos and quesadillas. Perhaps its most loved dish, though, is its carne asada fries, a heap of crispy potatoes served nacho-style, with melty shredded cheeses, creamy Mexican crema, guacamole, salsa and tender slices of marinated grilled steak.

Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas
Restaurants, British

Hand-cut chips at Pleasant House Pub in Chicago, IL

Lower West Side
The Royal Pie bakers of Chicago aren't a one-trick pony. Pleasant House Pub churns out fantastic fries—well, chips. They're chunks of potatoes that are perfectly cooked and then fried to perfection. They're crisp on the outside, salty and a bit greasy. Pair them with your pick of pie (we're fans of the kale and mushroom or the steak and ale) or any of the other dishes and a tall glass of beer and you'll be set.
Fee Fi Fo Fum fries at MB Post
Photograph: Courtesy MB Post
Restaurants, American

Fee Fi Fo Fum fries at Manhattan Beach Post in Los Angeles, CA

Manhattan Beach
Are these fries, or are these the fingers of some giant that lives at the top of a magic beanstalk? The Fee Fi Fo Fum fries ($7) at MB Post are one of the restaurant's most requested items, and for good reason. They're huge, they're addictive (probably because they're fried four times), and they come with ketchup and "fry sauce," which is made with mayo, chopped pickles and a smorgasbord of spices.
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Huy D. 

French fries at Spruce in San Francisco, CA

Presidio Heights
These crispy, flavorful wedges earn many critics’ pick for the best fries in the city, and we’re pretty sure it’s because they’re cooked in duck fat. More specifically, they’re deep fried in it, creating a satisfyingly crunchy exterior and a dark, golden-brown hue. Though crisp around the edges, these fries are moist in the middle, striking a tasty salty-sweet balance. They're paired with a ramekin of creamy remoulade sauce for dipping.
Photograph: Martha Williams
Restaurants, Korean

Kimchi fries at bopNgrill in Chicago, IL

Lake View
Kimchi might be one of the best ways to make fries better (if it's even possible, fries might be one of the best things in the world). BopNGrill tops its kimchi fries with caramelized kimchi that's cooked in rendered pork fat (drool), cheese sauce, bacon, scallions and sesame seeds. These slices of potato might just send us to heaven.
Photograph: Courtesy LoKal
Restaurants, Contemporary American

Sweet potato fries at LoKal in Miami, FL

West Coconut Grove

This Coconut Grove gastropub, sister restaurant to the nearby The Spillover, matches its creative and satisfying burgers and sandwiches with a worthy partner: burnished, deep orange sweet potato fries that are sweet and salty, crispy and tender at the same time. Best of all? If you can’t choose between the sweet spuds and LoKal’s equally tempting regular fries, you can order a 50-50 mix. 

Buldogis Gourmet Hot Dogs
Photograph: Courtesy Buldogis
Restaurants, Hot dogs

Angry Kimchi Fries at Buldogis Gourmet Hot Dogs in Las Vegas, NV

The specialty at this creative hot dog spot is bulgogi, Korean-style grilled marinated beef or pork, which the restaurant piles into buns and tops, variously, with Asian slaw, diced jalapenos, chopped green onions and sesame seeds. They also serve a variety of loaded fries, the best of which are the Angry Kimchi: crispy sweet potato fries loaded up with spicy pork bulgogi, kimchi, cheese, jalapenos and a runny fried egg. 

Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Kerrie F.
Restaurants, Fast food spots

French fries at Saus in Boston, MA

Government Center

This homey tavern features an extensive menu of craveable comfort foods like house-made beef and pork sausages, chicken and waffles and beer-braised beef sandwiches. A whole section of its offerings is devoted to poutine, that gravy-loaded Quebecois specialty, but we actually like the base—the fries—all on their own. True to the restaurant’s name, the spuds come with a variety of super-creative dipping sauces: choose from Vampire Slayer (roasted garlic, roasted garlic oil and house-made mayo); Pindasaus (peanut butter, soy sauce and chili paste); Bacon Parm (smoked bacon and parmesan, served warm); and about a dozen more options.