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Columbus, Ohio, USA skyline on the Scioto River.
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The best cities for singles in the USA

Live your best life while flying solo in the best cities for singles in the U.S.

Virginia Gil
Written by
Emilie Murphy
Virginia Gil

Life without a partner has its perks when you reside in one of the best cities for singles in the U.S. These places are best enjoyed when there’s no one to tie you down, holding you back from a spontaneous outdoor adventure. It’s also easier to fly solo in most of these towns, where the cost of living isn’t as high as in a major metropolis and there are many free things to do to keep you busy. Whether you already live in these parts of the country or are looking to make the move somewhere more suitable to your single lifestyle, consider a city where you’ll find a high standard of living, the opportunity to pursue personal interests and a community of like-minded people. Ready to embrace life unattached? These are the best cities for singles in the U.S.

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Best cities for singles in the USA

According to WalletHub's 2022 study of the country's best and worst cities for singles, Seattle, Washington the best place to live as far as dating is concerned. The study's findings point to cities where a large share of the population is single, there are considerable online dating opportunities and the average price of a meal for two won't break the bank. In short, Seattle is a great place to be if you're looking to put yourself out there, preferably over a decent dinner. 

Named the #4 best place to live by US News & World Report, Boulder is a high-quality city for just about anyone. With an unmarried population hovering above 50% and a high influx of new people year over year, it is also excellent if you’re single. While the cost of living is relatively high, dating doesn’t have to be hard on the wallet—there are plenty of outdoor activities and chances to get creative are everywhere. Nature lovers will have no trouble here, as hiking, biking, and skiing are all cornerstones of this city’s dating scene.


If you’re a young professional, Charlotte could be the place for you. As a financial hub second only to New York City, this midsize municipality is ideal if you’re looking for a corporate job. There is also a high percentage of unmarried adults and no shortage of fun, from NBA or NFL games to museums, parks, and even the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

4. Columbus, OH

Columbus (OH) is a mecca for singletons of all stripes. Not only does it have a deep dating pool, but it is also one of the country’s most affordable cities in which to rent a studio apartment. Pair this with an exploding job market, a busy downtown, an abundance of higher education institutions (including Ohio State University), and nearby nature preserves, and this friendly town—one of the most diverse in the Midwest—seems like a no-brainer


Tired of big city living but not ready for a countryside experience? Grand Rapids could be the perfect fit. This western Michigan city is dynamic—boasting several top-tier museums, a beautiful botanic garden, a symphony, and a quality restaurant scene—while still maintaining a small-town feel. Beyond the culture, the cost of living in Grand Rapids is also meaningfully less expensive than elsewhere in the country, and the job market is strong. Throw in its proximity to Lake Michigan, status as one of America’s greenest cities, and its buzzing downtown, and Grand Rapids is a hard place to top.

Madison (WI) has a little bit of everything. Whether you’re a foodie, a craft beer connoisseur, a sports nut, or a passionate environmentalist, Madison has a community for you. While the winters are chilly, there is still plenty to do, including skiing and skating, and the proximity to five different lakes equals nonstop summer fun. Friendly and multifaceted with a high single population and a thriving job market, this midwestern city is a great place to go looking for love.


7. Missoula, MT

One of the smallest cities on this list, Missoula, Montana is not for concrete lovers. Missoula is a city that lets residents connect with nature, whether that be hiking in the nearby mountains, floating or fishing along rivers, or enjoying locally grown produce. Dating opportunities are high for single people, particularly on the younger side, as the median age hovers just below 33 years. Plus, given the ultra-low prices on wine and beer, wining and dining in Missoula is far less stress on the wallet. 

8. Port St Lucie, FL

With 238 days of sunshine a year, Port St. Lucie welcomes heat seekers. Located along the coast of Southern Florida, this beach town is especially suited to those looking to change things up in mid-life. The median age is about 48, and a quarter of the area’s population is over 65, making Port St. Lucie a very desirable location for retirees. Lower home costs equate to easier relocation, and the abundance of activities—including hiking, fishing, and boating—keep residents busy year-round. Should you want to head indoors to escape the heat, it's reported that Port St. Lucie has the lowest average price for a movie ticket, $6.43, which is nearly three times lower than what you would expect to pay in Los Angeles. 


Beer tours, drag brunches, comedy shows, basketball games, river cruises, and roller rinks. There is no shortage of date night activities in Portland, Oregon. While it is one of the more expensive cities on this list, it still offers a high quality of life, a solid job market, and a deep dating pool. A famously progressive city, Portland also has one of the largest LGBTQ populations in the country.

Foodies, unite! San Antonio checks a lot of necessary boxes for singletons. It has a majority population of unmarried adults, a low unemployment rate, and is home to big industries and national corporations, which simplifies finding a new job. While the economics are enticing, San Antonio’s culture is the real draw. A vibrant arts community, a beautiful setting rich in history, and a UNESCO-approved food scene that can rival anywhere are all part of San Antonio’s wider appeal.


With a blend of Southern charm, endearing quirks, and antebellum architecture, it’s no surprise that Savannah has boomed over recent years. Boasting a large unmarried population and a low cost of living, it is also a great place to be single. Home to the Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah is also a leading force in the contemporary art world, the capital of comfort food, and a hub of historic preservation.

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