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Things to do on Mother's Day in London

We solve all your dilemmas with our winning Mother's Day ideas

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If you're organising Mother's Day (Sunday March 6 2016) in the capital this year, be sure to include one of these mum-friendly events in your plans.

Ten fail-safe ideas for Mother's Day


Classic Car Boot Sale

The Classic Car Boot Sale returns to the Southbank Centre this Mother's Day weekend. Pedestrians with pockets full of change can pick up any number of retro bits-and-bobs from the 100 or so traders, or tuck into street food and quality tipples.

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Southbank Centre 15 Mar 2015

Marlene Dumas: The Image as Burden

Enter a Marlene Dumas exhibition and you never know who you might meet. Among the subjects of the South Africa-born, Amsterdam-based painter’s work over the past few years are Jesus, Princess Diana, Phil Spector, Amy Winehouse and Osama bin Laden. Dumas is the painter-doyenne of dark undercurrents, tragic lives and falls from grace. 

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Tate Modern 10 May 2015


It wouldn't be Mother's Day weekend without an abundance of flowers, and this colourful event in Hampton Court Palace's stately King's Apartments is upping the stakes. The historical rooms will be filled with magnificent flower arrangements which illustrate how floristry has changed over the last 500 years.

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Hampton Court Palace Until Sun Mar 15

Women Fashion Power

Whether it's shoulder pads, twinsets or a dress made of meat, what a women wears is one of her most complex forms of self-expression. Influential women throughout history have used fashion to their advantage. This exhibition looks at the wardrobes of 25 exceptional women, who've made their names in politics, culture, business and fashion, with each of them contributing an outfit.

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Design Museum 26 Apr 2015

The Great Home Hack

Discover new ways to transform your home and the stuff in it at this three-day festival championing upcycling. Channel 4's Max McMurdo has curated the event and will demostrate his furniture hacking skills in live masterclasses. Exhibitors selling recycled and refurbished furniture and homewares will be on hand to tempt and inspire, and visitors can book for workshops in eco interiors, artistic paint effects and upholstery.

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Fulham Palace 15 Mar 2015


What does the future really hold for us? We're still holding out for tubes that fling us across town like they have in 'Futurama', but even if pipes aren't in the pipeline there are lots of advances to get excited about, and they'll all be explored on the line-up at this two-day festival of innovation. Expect discussions on the future of democracy, the security and technological changes behind the way we now use money and the effects of robots on the working world.

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Vinopolis 15 Mar 2015

Fashion on the Ration: 1940s Street Style

Rationing didn't only mean a dowdy dinner table – World War II's austerity measures affected clothing too, leaving the British public to adapt their fashions accordingly. Clearly the make-do-and-mend attitude was especially effective when it came to what to wear, for the results were more casual styles and some ingenious renovating and recycling. This exhibition of accessories, photographs, film, artworks, interviews and clothing provides insight into the home lives of men and women during wartime Britain.

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Imperial War Museum Until Monday August 31 2015

Mother's Day at Sutton House

Here's a treat for mums who enjoyed 'Wolf Hall' this Mother's Day: a free pot of tea for two in the Tudor home of Ralph Sadlier, a courtier of Henry VIII who was raised in the household of Thomas Cromwell.

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Sutton House 15 Mar 2015

Columbia Road Flower Market

One of London’s most visually appealing markets, Columbia Road overflows with bucketfuls of beautiful flowers every Sunday. There are bulbs, herbs, shrubs and bedding plants too. Alongside the Sunday market you’ll find a host of independent galleries and shops selling pottery, perfume and the like – many of them are only open at the weekends, and they often shut up shop with the market at 3pm.

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Columbia Road Flower Market Sunday August 9 2015 - Sunday November 6 2022

Guy Bourdin: Image Maker

Provocative, surreal and instantly recognisable: the work of Guy Bourdin marks a high point in twentieth century fashion photography, turning editorial and advertising imagery into something rich and strange. Guy Bourdin: Image Maker is the UK’s largest ever exhibition of his work, charting his 40 year career from protégé of Man Ray to photography revolutionary.

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Somerset House Until Sun Mar 15
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Fleur F
Fleur F

Shocked by you view of mothers and therefore woman in general.  flowers, tea and homeware. really!??????


what happens if you dont have that much money. you carnt just go to london for free.

Ley Holloway
Ley Holloway

Old fashioned view of Mum, I'm a Mum and Grandma, my choice would have been the Ice Age art exhibition at the British Museum.