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Greenwich Village guide: Restaurants, events, maps and more

Find the best restaurants, bars, attractions and things to do in the historic neighborhood of Greenwich Village.

Wendy Connett
Washington Square Park

Greenwich Village has been inspiring bohemians for almost a century. In the 1960s, 8th Street was the closest New York got to San Francisco's hippie Haight Street, but now it's one of the most expensive (and exclusive) neighborhoods in New York, and home to the ever-expanding NYU. 

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It's a fine destination for taking walks, people-watching in one of NYC's best parks—Washington Square Park—and catching a jazz show, cabaret night or concert.

Things to do

Subway and street map of the Village

Greenwich Village in downtown Manhattan stretches from Houston Street to 14th Street, and between Fourth Avenue (then the Bowery) and Sixth Avenue

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Things to do

Greenwich Village events

Use our guide to the best upcoming events in Greenwich Village to plan a night out in downtown Manhattan

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Things to do

Greenwich Village attractions

Greenwich Village is home to one of the best New York attractions—Washington Square Park—but there's more to do during the day in the neighborhood

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Restaurants in Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village boasts a wide range of fine restaurants, from hot spot Minetta Tavern to Thai restaurants

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Bars in Greenwich Village

In addition to cheap bars and karaoke dens that cater to the NYU crowd, you'll also find sophisticated wine bars among the drinking options in Greenwich Village

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Shopping in Greenwich Village

Shopping in Greenwich Village offers a great selection of stores

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Greenwich Village clubs and nightlife

Greenwich Village may be small, but it offers a wealth of New York nightlife options

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