Exhibition: See me, see you by Eric Gyamfi

See Me See You

With his camera, Eric Gyamfi could very well be a fly on the wall. With an array of compound eyes he has put together a mosaic of photographs composed of lives of people with whom he has spent several hours living and observing. 

He has put together poignant tales of ordinary, yet extraordinary aspects of individuals caught in their everyday interactions- at work and at play- with aloof seriousness and with touching emotion.

The titleSee me, See you- was deliberately chosen to complement the way the artist envisioned each mounted work in the main gallery at Nubuke Foundation. 

The viewer is cunningly confronted with reflections of themselves next to the works- drawn and immersed right into the setting of the photographs. 

The original expression, ‘you see me I no see you’ from which the exhibition title was coined could allude to a number of things- either being an innocent bystander, an alibi or maybe a witness who ignores happenings. 

In see me, see you- the artist flips the lens and forces some critical introspection- of self, ideas, viewpoints, perceptions, conceptions…

Whom do you see? Him? Her? Them? Us? You? ...

Eric’s photographs are presented in a stark contrast of black and white, ridding them of distractions and bringing them into focus. The dominance of this style of presentation leaves no place for something in between.


Eric Gyamfi was a participant of a month-long Nuku Studio photography workshop run by Nii Obodai and other facilitators at Nubuke foundation in April 2016.

This is the first solo photography exhibition by a Ghanaian photographer hosted by Nubuke foundation. 

We are pleased that our partnership with Nuku Studio presents a wonderful opportunity for a young photographer like Eric. 

Eric is the 3rd artist who will be showing at the main gallery at Nubuke Foundation in its annual Young Ghanaian Artist project. Since 2014 the months of November to February are dedicated to this project. 

Previous artists supported were Na Chainkua Reindorf in 2014 and Isaac Opoku and Baboa Tachie-Menson in 2015.

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