Ghana Beading Class

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Ghana Bead Society Beading Class

Learn basic beading at this fascinating class.

Learn some basic beading skills and take home your own necklace and earrings set.
Call Felicia in advance to sign up (020 814 0500). 

This class will be repeated regularly, the next one is scheduled for 14 June. 

The Ghana Bead Society is dedicated to recording Ghanaian bead culture and to the preservation and promotion of Ghanaian beads. It is the first Bead Society in Africa. To our great concern, we watched a significant part of Africa’s cultural heritage being shipped overseas in huge quantities. Members feared that with this exodus of old and valuable beads, a great deal of culture and history would be lost to the Ghanaian people.

Directions: Coming from Osu Cemetery, take the u-turn just after the Shell station. Turn first right (just before the Shell) and follow the road. When you reach the shrine, you turn right, look up and you will see their sign, the bodom bead suspended by the entrance.

80 GHC

1 person listening