Godfried Donkor exhibition at Gallery 1957

Thomas Bowdich, The First Day of the Yam Custom, 1818,
National Maritime Museum

Major solo exhibition by Godfried Donkor featuring a new body of work created in Ghana, and curated by Koyo Kouoh.

With a career spanning almost three decades, Donkor’s complex and multi-layered portrayals of historical events combine reality and fiction through collage, painting, drawing and photography.

Born in Ghana, Donkor studied across Europe before settling in the UK. Working across continents and cultures, his sociological explorations consider the shared histories of Africans and Europeans. Donkor has exhibited widely at museums and biennials internationally.

The artist’s new body of work re-imagines an illustration by the 19th century English explorer Thomas Bowdich depicting an Asante yam festival in Kumasi.

Using installation, painting and collage on board, Donkor’s exhibition will
reinterpret this scene on a life-size scale. The exhibition follows the artist’s 4
month residency in Ghana with Gallery 1957.

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