ZOHRA OPOKU - Who is Wearing My T-Shirt Installation

Art, Installation
Zohra Opoku
Zohra Opoku Zohra Opoku




This exhibition is composed of textile installtions on billboards across Accra. The artist, Zohra Opoku, has said: 'My inspiration comes from African symbols, traditions and style resources, which I collect, wherever I find them. In an interactive way, I associate these influences by merging them to give a new perspective on the same context. This thereby creates stronger visibility, as the relationship with the initial context is even more tangible to the viewer. The overriding question behind my action is the question of identity.

The instalation asks 'Do our clothes make up our traditions and culture? And if this is true, what happens to our identity when the clothes are changed?'

Zohra is interested as well in the influence of foreign clothes as she explains, 'It is not only that foreign clothes have been accepted: second-hand foreign clothing has become the norm. We must question the impact of this on our self-perception, self worth and on collective meaning.'

For further information on the artist, visit www.zohraopoku.com; email: mail@zohraopoku.com



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