Republic Day Wangowango Road Trip.

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Republic Day Wangowango Road Trip.
See Ghana. Republic Day Wangowango Road Trip,Mole National Park,Northern Region/Ghana.

The Savannah safari road trip experience.

This republic holiday, take this once in a lifetime opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of Accra.

Become one with nature, and indulge in its wonders in the bushes of the Sahel, Ghana's Northern Region. It’s the most exclusive Savannah Safari excursion.

Simply sign up for this ultimate road trip. 

 Info from See Ghana: - Stop for breakfast in Kumasi.
- Get lunch in Kintampo.
- Deal with some Akonfem at Mole.
- Learn about the ancient people of Larabanga
- See the famous Larabanga Mosque: Let's take a selfie here.
- Do the afternoon bush safari and come face to face with elephants
- have WangoWango fun at the Amazing new Zaina Lodge.
- Join in scrumptious gourmet dinner at Zaina!
- Ride back with WangoWango wagon or Catch flight back options.
- Mole Motel and Zaina lodge sleeping options.

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