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Cocktails in Accra
Burger & RelishCocktails at Burger & Relish

Accra's best cocktail bars

Combining internationally-renowned mixologists with a wide range of local ingredients, makes drinking cocktails in Accra unlike any other place in the world

Written by
Daniel Neilson

From the earthy cocktails at the Republic street bar, to the superlative Dirty Martini at urban Grill, drinking in this party town is always fun 

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Burger & Relish is Accra’s answer to an insatiable craving for a good burger, but here we are more concerned with the drinks.
The same passion for burgers continues with booze (they are fine bedfellows of course). There are some interesting beers – rare in Accra – but it’s the cocktails where Burger & Relish excel, particularly rum-based drinks. The B&R Rum Punch (for two!) is Havana White, three-year and seven-year old rum with a fruit blend, spices and topped with over proof rum. Other highlights include the Lucky 8 Cooler – gin, rooibos tea, apricot puree and vanilla – what’s not to like? The non-alcoholic drinks are superb too – it’s worth popping in for an Apple & Mint Swizzle alone.

Republic Bar
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Music is the defining factor at this fairly new little bar that has seen highlife legend Ebo Taylor pass through its doors. Album covers and black and white photos of music stars adorn the walls and Ghana’s best music plays out – live too on the terrace; check out the Facebook page and Twitter account for details. But the food is making waves as well – the cassava chips are a fabulous accompaniment for a caipirihna made from traditional palm wine, and the Fire Go Burn You pepper soup and Ye Ye Goat soup for GH¢18 is superb value for something this tasty. One of the most happening bars in Accra right now.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest restaurant of all? The shiny new Urban Grill is one of the most talked about restaurants in Accra and for good reason: the food, the décor, the ambience are all superlative. It is located at Icon House, a new building that also hosts equally-hyped Coco Lounge, Vida e caffé and La Maison, all from the same team that started Santoku. This group of eateries is seriously raising the bar in Ghana for food, service and interior design. So what of Urban Grill? At its heart, it is a high-end steak house. The meat is corn-fed and imported directly from Nebraska, and cooked over a charcoal grill to perfection. It’s the best steak in Ghana. At the helm in the kitchen is Andrew DiCataldo who cut his teeth at Patria in New York City where the New York Times said: “Mr. DiCataldo can splash color and flavor all over the plate – what’s the point of nuevo Latino if you don’t – but he has a fine, disciplined hand. He understands subtleties.” . As good as the steak is, the menu really gets interesting when he fuses his Nuevo Latino passions with local ingredients in dishes such as squid three ways, the amazing pork belly with kumquat glaze on crispy fried cassava or, his signature dish, the plantain-encrusted grouper. The desserts highlight is the sticky toffee pudding. The staff strike the right balance of being attentive while giving you time and space. Be sure to pop in a bit early and grab a dry martini or their deconstructed Bloody Mary, which

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From the leather bar seating to the tilework in the private dining room, the attention to detail in Coco Lounge is quite amazing. Local artist Nana Anoff has installed pieces alongside thoroughly modern and brave design touches, as you’d expect coming from the same stable as design store La Maison next door, which also curated the restaurant’s interior. The pizza oven is dressed up as an old Italian truck and a sight to behold. Incredible space for sure, so what about the food? The tight menu of mains includes sandwiches, burgers and fish and chips. Plus there’s a wide range of salad dishes, rice bowls and that wood-fired pizza. Oh, and don’t forget the home-made ice cream and cakes. The focus on detail continues through to the food – renowned New York chef Andrew DiCataldo has designed the menu as well as that of the flagship Urban Grill. Our burger was on a brioche (thank heavens), and the quinoa salad was loaded with dried fruit and nuts – an inviting sight. The dickie-bowed wait staff were attentive and kind. The cocktail list is also impressive. Meko Martini anyone? It’s Ketel One Vodka with Ghanaian chili. Pow!

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