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Palm Wine

Palm Wine

Palm Wine 101

Written by
Daniel Neilson

Sounds, er, interesting. What is it?

It is interesting. It’s naturally fermenting juice tapped from chopped-down palm trees.

Sounds, er, interesting and a bit yucky.

Cynic. Actually, it’s pretty tasty. Republic has even called it ‘Ghanaian champagne’ which – well, even we’d admit that’s pushing it a little. It tastes a bit like white grapes, earthy with a sweetness that makes it pretty drinkable.

Hmm. How strong is it?

No idea.

Just read the bottle.

Given that it usually comes in ‘repurposed’ plastic water bottles, I don’t think EU-standard labelling has reached rural Ghana. We were last served it in Republic, in a pint glass with two straws, and we’d suggest it was ‘strong’. Very strong. 

I’m even less convinced now. Sounds like moonshine.

It is. Maybe try it in a cocktail, again in Republic. And it spawned its own music.


Palm wine music was one of the key influences in Ghanaian highlife. Chilled farmers playing music. 

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