Kokrobite Street Beach Carnival

Kokrobite Street Carnival

An eco-tourism festival with an arts exhibition, concerts and a general chilled-out atmosphere.

Over the Easter break, chill out at the Kokobite Street and Arts Festival. With live music, dance and art, it's a lovely way to leave the bustle of city life behind you. 

Promoting the beach as an eco-tourism destination, there is sun, sand and surf for everyone. 

The carnival will have night parties, with DJs and other performing artists. 

The line up of activities include:

Friday 14th: opening ceremony at McKenzie Beach Resort and the lighting of the bonfire with reggae fever at Kusum Royal Beach. 

Saturday 15th: Beach soccer and volleyball at Kusum Royal Beach; Mountain climbing, culture dancing and a children's playhouse at Asaasi Yaa Beach Resort, Kokrobite; Lovers rock and comedy night and artist performances at McKenzie Beach Resort.

Sunday 16th: The Kokrobite Beach Bash & Funfair,  plus swimming and a canoe racing competition at Kusum Royal Beach. Later in the evening, a dance competition, DJs on and a reggae dancehall mix.

Monday 17th: Concerts day and night including hip life versus dancehall. More canoe racing, painting, food bazaars and more at the McKenzie Beach Resort. 

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