La 33

La 33

LA 33

Salsa -Columbia

Sat 7 June - 8 pm 

rate: 10GHC, 5GHC for AF students and members

Venue: Trade Fair – Round pavillon


With 60 thousand albums sold and nearly 2,000 different presentations in five continents over a decade, La-33 has become one of the most influential Colombian salsa orchestras on the international scene. La-33 began in 2001 when brothers, Sergio and Santiago Mejia, assembled a group of musicians to form a salsa band. Interestingly, those who answered the call were not salsa performers, their inspiration was more of urban rhythms like rock, jazz and reggae. The band is also inspired by the New York 70’s style, which combines the rough and dirty sounds of the city with Caribbean rhythms, thereby  retaining a classically trained percussion, while introducing winds such as those of the orchestras from New York, as well as that dry sound of the saxophone. For more than a decade, the band has been experimenting and reinventing their music, and giving the public all their energy. This concert is sponsored by the Colombian Embassy in Ghana and will take place in a magical location, the Round Pavilion at the International Trade Fair Centre

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