Benpaali Young Filmmakers Festival

Benpaali Young Filmmakers Festival
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The 2nd annual Benpaali Young Filmmakers Festival is here with the theme Contemporary Artivism.

Bɛnpaali Young Filmmakers Festival was launched in June 2015 to harness heritage through imaginative storytelling. Bɛnpaali (connoting a new dawn in the Builsi language of northern Ghana) is a forum for diverse artists between the ages of 15-30 to bring to light #storiesthatmatter. Bɛnpaali showcases youth art and mentors young artists during a 3-day event that features screenings, interactive workshops led by seasoned professionals from Ghana and around the world, compelling keynote discussions on the annual theme, and awards. Bɛnpaali employs a set of values that inform our team building, planning and presentations.


July 6: Festival launch

University of Ghana (Dept. of Archaeology & Heritage Studies) - 6-8pm. 

July 7-8: Co-keynote, screenings, panels and workshops

University of Ghana (International House)


July 9: Benpaali Awards

At the NAFTI Hotel (6-9pm)


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