Film: Forbidden Fruit [2003]

Forbidden Fruit [2003]

Ghanaian film as part of the African Perspectives series.

Director: Veronica Nai, 96 min., Ghana 2003

Ato finds himself embroiled in an intense affair with the beautiful wife of his boss. Indeed, Ato’s cousin and co-worker advices him to break off the relationship but the young man refuses to budge. The lady has a plot to lay her hands on documents of her husband’s property which are locked up in the office and has other plans for Ato.

Two time winner of the national ‘Best Film Directing Award’ (Ghana Film Awards 2001 and 2002), Veronica Nai also won the 1992 NAFTI Best Student Directing award for the film 'Action Plan'. She has co-authored and directed several award-winning films such as - 'A Stab in the Dark' which won the Best Story Award at the 1st Ghana Film Awards in December, 1999. 'Ripples' which won the Best Story, Best Directing, Best Sound, Best Photography Awards at the 2nd Ghana Film Awards in January 2001.

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