Film: Jack [2014]

Film: Jack [2014]
Goethe Institut

German film about a boy and his absent mother.

Director: Edward Berger
Jack is ten years old and hasn’t been at the home for long. It’s summer and there is great anticipation for the summer holidays. However, he’s not picked up on the last day of school. His mother, Sanna, a single parent who seems to be permanently overwhelmed with herself, with having to raise two children and with everything in general, calls the boy and consoles him. Jack is left waiting at the school with another boy and with the teachers, until he ends up exchanging blows with the other kid. Terrified, he runs away and goes back home to seek refuge with his mother, but, once again, Sanna isn’t there. Jack picks up his six-year-old brother Manuel from a friend’s house and together, they set out to find their mother.


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