Film Screening: Love the One You Love [2014]

Film, Drama
Love the One You Love [2014]

Part of the African Perspective Film Series, this film looks at complications with love and takes place in Cape Town.

Plot: Terri, a sex-line operator, and Sandile, a dog handler, living in Cape Town, have the perfect romance. Maybe too perfect. When Terri decides to go work in Korea the couple agree to take a break but, to their horror, their friends and family insist that they stay together, leading them to suspect there’s a conspiracy at work to keep them in love.

On the other side of town, Eugene, a lonely ITtech can’t get over his ex, Micheline, even striking up an unlikely friendship with her teenage brother. When he uncovers proof that he and Micheline are destined for each other, Eugene sets off to win back the love of his life.

These three characters embark on a kaleidoscopic journey across the city looking for answers, bringing them closer to the frightening truths about love, happiness, and life in the New South Africa.

Director: Jenna Bass

88 min, South Africa 2014


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