Film: Three [2010]

Film: Three [2010]

German drama about three people who have a relationship with each other person.

Plot: Hanna, who presents culture-based television programmes, attends an Ethics Council lecture given by stem-cell researcher Adam Borna, and then meets him by chance that evening in the theatre. Simon, an art technician whose business is hardly flourishing, discovers he has testicular cancer. As Hanna and Adam get closer and finally spend a passionate night together in the researcher’s apartment, Simon undergoes the necessary surgery. The operation is a success; a few weeks later, he meets Adam at a swimming pool, and suddenly a gay encounter between the two men ensues. Each completely unaware of the other, Hanna and Simon continue their affairs with Adam until at one point, the pair meet one another in Adam’s apartment.

Directed by Tom Tykwer


The film was nominated for the Golden Lion award at the Venice International Film Festival in 2010.