The Egg " Black On Black" Screening

Film, Documentaries
The Egg, Black on Black,Alliance Francais, Accra
Alliance Francais The Egg, Black on Black,Alliance Francais, Accra

A unique film screening about pertinent issue in Ghana. A conversation starter for sure!

The Egg, set on the coastline of Accra, Ghana, tells the real life story of Kobe and his friend wOne. Kobe sets the scene by sharing his sentiments on the black on black situation in Ghana.Through the eyes of these men, the director shares a captivating encounter, which asks the audience to think hard about this underlining issue that plagues Ghana.

 Come meet the actors, chat with Ama, the director herself and take part in a lively discussion about the black on black issue that is rarely spoken about in Ghana.

Oh and did we mention cocktails, a spoken word performance, music performance from the soundtrack and amazing people!? 

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