Akoo Show Choir

Goethe Institute
Dan Neilsen

In May 2012 Francis Baffoe founded the Akoo Show Choir in his home town Winneba in Ghana. Francis’ musical repertoire comprises classical literature such as Bach and Handel as well as gospels and jazz. His passion for choral music from South Africa, Kenya and other African countries, and most of all for the beauty of Ghanaian songs, has found its home in the foundation of the Akoo Show Choir.

Soon after he returned to Winneba, some of his closest musician friends caught fire which led to the foundation of the Akoo Show Choir, a male-voice ensemble of highly gifted young singers. In Francis’ mother tongue Fanti “Akoo” means parrot – and as colorful, mulit-talented and extraordinary as parrots these young men perform on stage. They never stand still, the use their voices and bodies, present special interpretations from choral and traditional African music to elements of jazz and Ghanaian highlife.
August 9th, 7:00 pm
Admission is free

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