Concert: AMEWU

Concert: AMEWU

"You're always a little bit silly, until you start learning.“

Born and grown up in Berlin (Germany's capital) Amewu formed the Amewus rap-music.  He preferred battle-rap more than the kind of fun-rap, which was very popular in  Germany at this time. Amewu's life was very challenging and as a result he was angry and wanted to discuss issues. He was not a pretender like most of German rappers. Consequently , his music had to be aggressive. On the other hand for him it was always important to know, where all this aggressiveness came from.

With the Freakcamp- and Keep-It-Rollin events, Amewu changed his music style. He met unbiased musicians and fans, he would probably not have met in the hip-hop-crowd. In this kind mix of Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass and Dancehall, called Grime, he became very famous in just a short time. Therefore the Oldschool Hip-Hop crowd kept their eyes fixed  on Amewu.

At the same time, he started to work with bands.  He joined the Ohrbooten to many busking-events and improved his own music-skills by that.

Amewus debut-album Entwicklungshilfe made him famous as one of the best and talented DJ in Germany. He confirmed that with his awesome second album Leidkultur published in 2012.

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