Concert: Atenteben and the Warriors

Goethe-Institut, Accra, Ghana
Daniel Neilson Goethe-Institut, Accra, Ghana

Atenteben and the Warriors

A neo-traditional musical group live in concert!

November 8th, 7 pm
Goethe-Institut Ghana
No entry fee

Atenteben and the Warriors is a neo-traditional musical group formed in 2008.

Their fusion of flute rhythms combined with other traditional instruments such as xylophone, gome, gonje, kpanlogo drums, dono, bells and rattles create an exotic blend of traditional African music. 

Ten musicians make up Atenteben and the Warriors. Each member has taken pride in mastering several traditional instruments. Their band’s leader is Kofi Adjetey Quarshie former member of Hewale Sounds. All members find their rich inspiration through natural life and healthy living.

The aim of Atenteben and the Warriors is to preserver, develop and promote neo-traditional and contemporary music in Ghana and overseas. They have performed at cultural institutions and at the University of Ghana.

The members of Atenteben and the Warriors rehearse at least three times a week and are located in East Legon.

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