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Enamoured with Adomaa

Adomaa is undoutedly one of Ghana’s most prodigious talents. She came to the limelight with her beautiful mash up of Stonebwoy’s Baafira and Sarkodie’s Adonai. We caught up with her between recording sessions for a chat.

Written by
Daniel Neilson

What age did you start singing? 

I can’t tell exactly when but I was really young.

Were you always around music?

Yes. Always. My mom used to create songs for my siblings and I - to get us to eat, bath, etc so it got to the point that we wouldn’t do anything without music playing. Now I listen to a lot of vintage jazz, soul and blues, as well as Afro-Jazz.  

When did you decide to do the Baafira-Adonai mash-up?

That was in January, 2015. I’d always wanted to start a YouTube channel for a while and then I met this talented filmmaker who said he’d help out with my videos so I decided to check off that dream off my bucket list. 

The success of the video meant you could get signed to a label and was seen across the world?

Yes but I did not foresee the success of the video and was very surprised when it went viral here in Ghana and even more so when I found out it had made its way outside.

How did that feel when your hobby became a job? 

It was the most fulfilled I’ve ever felt.

You are always looking at Ghanaian music for inspiration – which artists from the past and present do you admire and why? 

I’m a huge fan of Offie Kudjoe. She just encapsulates everything I love about jazz. Efya from the present because she’s dynamic, her voice and style is unique and she’s an awesome performer.

Where now for Adomaa? Do you have an album coming out? 

Yes... There’s an album in the works. God willing, that will come out next year. The music is still going to be very unique and authentic. I’ll still be doing covers but there’s going to be a lot more original content. 

Adomaa’s music can be found on her Soundcloud page and there are also plenty of videos on YouTube. Follow her @adomaa_music

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