King Ayisoba Concert

King Ayisoba Concert
King Ayisoba, Alliance Francaise, Accra, Ghana King Ayisoba, Alliance Francaise, Accra, Ghana

Born and raised in Bongo Soe, in Upper East Region of Ghana, King Ayisoba learned to play the kologo (a traditional two stringed guitar) from a young age. He came to Accra to pursue his music career to great success. His sound is unique: a throaty passionate voice belts out words of wisdom while he plucks his kologo to a skank beat. A very alternative character who’s shows are always fantastic and memorable.

Guest artists include Opoku Mensah, Ayuune Suley, Wanlov, Yaoo Pono and more.

Whatever your doing Saturday night, drop it and go to this concert, it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this incredible artist (and special guests) perform. Oh, and wear Batakari prints!

Tickets 15 GHC

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