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5 Reasons To Love Shitto

Time Out Accra's Tash Morgan-Etty can't get enough of Ghanaian staple, shitto.

Written by
Daniel Neilson
In honour of THE quintessential Ghanaian condiment, here are five reasons to love Shitto:
1. It adds some serious flavour to just about anything… bread, gari, banku, chicken, red meat; basically whatever you have in the fridge.
2. Shitto is available just about anywhere in Accra. From your favourite supermarket or container store, to being served by nearly all restaurants, and with just about every take-away from Chinese to KFC.
3. It keeps for ages. Travellers and students know this well; get your most skilled Aunty to make you a killer secret- homemade-recipe jar of shitto & (dumsor or not) you’ve got your go-to-standby flavour saver for the next month.
4. Shitto is the best end-of-the-month-budget-hunger-buster. Add it to plain rice & Bam! You’ve got yourself a meal.
5. It’s legendary & proudly Ghanaian… a popular curio to take abroad as a gift for unsuspecting and bland-taste-budded buddies or homesick family.
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