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In Search of the Brunch-Worthy

Time Out Accra tries and tests the best places in Accra for that 10am hankering for eggs Benedict and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Written by
Daniel Neilson

The quest for a quality brunch in Accra is an ongoing palava where hopes and (western) dreams rarely match up to African reality. Strangely, Accra seems a city made for the delectable combination of breakfast and lunch whose name evokes the very essence of lazy Saturdays and Sundays where hours can be taken to eat a slow sweet and savoury feast that includes alcoholic beverages wrapped up like fruity breakfast juices. All this is, of course, decidedly un-African as Ghanaians typically favour either savoury foods for breakfast or a simple tea and bread and egg combination that is wholly unbrunchworthy. Accra can be a sleepy city on weekend afternoons, save for the occasional market here and there, and in the quest for brunch, the struggle is real. Here is a summation of all the top five spots that are either, pseudo brunch worthy, semi brunch worthy and brunch worthy indeed.


Labadi Beach Hotel - the main perpertrators of the pseudo brunch, who advertise a pricey and extravagant Sunday Brunch which, for lack of eggs, french toast and general breakfast foods of any kind is definitely not a brunch but a lunch. A solid three course buffet lunch with animals roasting on spits. Don’t be fooled.


Sai Wine and Champagne Cafe - Advertises a ‘brunch’ menu consisting of a few large plates (including the Royal Brunch). Semi brunch worthy, and the location is quirky and nice.


Cafe Kwae - This little spot is doing its best for brunch worthiness indeed. Extended Sunday opening hours, a varied menu encompassing the sweet, savoury, veggie and alcoholic. Expect it to be busy.


Villa Monticello - On the borderline of semi brunch, their menu almost makes it to the brunch worthy but falls short due to the paucity of items, although the chicken, waffles and eggs are a nice touch. A stunning location (poolside is lovely), more than makes up for it.


Burger and Relish - The burger bar is making Sunday their jam with their introduction of their Sunday brunch menu between 10am and 4pm. Definitley brunch worthy: bottomless bellinis, stuffed french toast and chorizo and avocado to name a few items.

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