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Marcus Etty, Burger & Relish, Accra, Ghana
Marcus Etty, Burger & Relish, Accra, GhanaMarcus Etty, Burger & Relish, Accra, Ghana

My Accra: Marcus Etty

The best places to eat, drink, stay, shop and visit in Ghana according to owner of Burger & Relish, Marcus Etty

Written by
Daniel Neilson

Where do you take visitors to eat? 

I take them to three places. For local food then there’s a roadside place called Blue Gate that sells the best tilapia and banku in Accra. It comes with a great, spicy shito sauce. I like La Chaumiere too. It feels as though you are relaxing in someone’s living room. It’s good French food. And then Coco Lounge, Urban Grill and Santoku – three design-led top–end restaurants from the same group that are brilliant. 

Where would you put up your friends who come to stay? 

Next door at Olma Colonial Suites actually. They are really beautiful apartments in an old colonial house next to Burger & Relish. They are really reasonably priced too.  

Where do you escape the city? 

For a day trip I’d go to White Sands. It’s the best beach within an hour of Accra. It’s a five-star resort that is very relaxed. It’s on a lagoon, so you have the beach for that and the sea. They have a restaurant right on the beach so you can walk along and eat great seafood. There are fishermen on the beach too. 

For longer trips, then I want to go to São Tomé and Príncipe, it’s just over an hour’s flight and becoming more popular.  

Where do you shop? 

Koala is great for meat – they’ve used the same farmer for 15 years. And Maxmart 37  too is good for getting those things I miss like Hellman’s mayonnaise, as well as fruit and veg. 

What sights do you think visitors shouldn’t miss? 

My mum is coming soon and it’s good that I can show her it’s quite westernised and safe. It’s friendly and stable, and the gateway to Africa. I was impressed with Elmina Castle as well to get an overview of the slave trade. In Kumasi, the market is really interesting, but I’d recommend going with a guide. 

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