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Top Five Ghanaian foodie Instagram accounts

Top Five Ghanaian foodie Instagram accounts

Accra has lots to be proud of especially when it comes to food. Curious? Drool over these Instagram accounts.

Written by
Daniel Neilson

1 @accracraves

‘Crave. Taste. Indulge.’ is the tagline for this duo who offer a virtual culinary tour around Ghana – the perfect site to hit before planning your next dinner out. and the Instagram account are run by Ash and Dede. They are ladies after our own heart. As Ash writes: "Truth is, we all crave something, for me it was dessert. That’s how this journey started for me; looking for a crème brûlée in Accra. Safe to say it never happened, sadly." Tell us about it. Fortunately, Ash and Dede are always on hand, to offer their opinion – it’s

cleverly written like a Q&A – and accompanied by some sumptuous photos... no crème brûlée though.

Seafood Black Spaghetti with Prawns, Mussels and squid @urbangrillgh

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2 @TasteGhana

@TasteGhana uncovers and recommends all the hidden gems across Ghana. It is run by Kobe Boateng, a medical doctor and entrepreneur based in Accra, who has always had a passion for food. This now manifests itself in a colourful Instagram account and a blog offering honest opinions on restaurants and the occasional recipe. Video is becoming more
important for TasteGhana, and that is very welcome indeed.

3 @whereghanaeats

Beautiful pictures, honest opinions and an infectuous enthusiasm for ‘all things food and
Ghana’ – what’s not to love? “We know #WhereGhanaEats and we want to show you” is the tagline and we’ve already discovered a few great recommendations from this Instagram account. @WhereGhanaEats

is a‘crowd- sourced guide’ to the food scene in and about Ghana. As they write: "Whether that’s finding the best places to eat jollof or the best recipes
to cook it, we keep you informed and updated with insight from Ghanaian food lovers around the world." A website is coming soon.

4 @ezibangh

Life Gave me some Lemmons, so I bought some other fruits and made a smoothie. Now I find myself back in Uni. I am in GTUC now doing a top up, naturally, I had to find all the food joints on Campus, the first place I ate at on Monday, Hmmmm, they had only Jollof, Fried Rice and Banku with tilapia left so I ordered the Jollof with chicken, the portion was OK, Jollof, chicken all OK, it was 7gh.My plan was to try the Banku yday, but when I got there this is what happened. Madam: Someone wants to buy Banku. Girl (from the kitchen): someone has ordered the last one. M: so should he go? G: yes he should leave. No offer of another type of meal. So I walked around and found this other joint, I asked for Jollof again and she only asked how much I wanted to buy and I told her to look at me and give appropriately and that was it, next thing I know, she gave me all the above for 10gh. The Jollof was super, the kelewele, excellent, needless to say, I finished everything on the plate except the baked beans for obvious reasons. The only downside was that the chicken was room temperature, it should have been hot too. #ezibangh #CampusLife #Jollof

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Wow – there’s barely a dish on this Instagram feed we wouldn’t want to eat. @ezibangh
is a fast growing site thanks to its recommendations, reviews and recipes for all Ghanaian
food. With hashtags such as #WaakyeWednesday, #FridayFufu and #SundayOmotuo what’s not to like? This is unerringly Ghanaian and all the better for it.

5 @aftradvillagekitchen

This is one of the most inspirational African food blogs and Instagram accounts – who
wouldn’t want to make these recipes after seeing such mouth watering pictures? Behind it is UK-based Joana Yeboah- Acheampong, and she is a great experimenter of recipes and loves to share them. Most of the recipes and articles are focused on Ghanaian food, but can feature recipes from across the continent. Recent posts that caught our eye included a
recipe for tilapia light soup and yam chunks, photos of glorious-looking red fish stew and the fascinating little ‘Knowledge Bank’ posts offering a greater knowledge of West African food. This is just what an engaging Instagram feed and blog should consist of. 

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