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AAKS new range

AAKS release new collection

AAKS, an ethical brand that produces colourful hand-crafted raffia bags has just released its spring/summer collection. Flo Maats gets a sneak peek


AAKS has just launched their Spring Summer 2017/18 collection and has, as usual, not failed to impress.

The new collection is bolder, brighter and even more exciting than their previous collections, and it seems designer Akosua Afriyie-Kumi has outdone her own standard of style with these cohesive yet fun designs.

This season's bags have brighter colours, more tassels (yes please) and new, innovative shapes. The collection runs with variations of warm tones of red, orange and navy, with bright pieces for those bold enough to go all out, but warmer, more subtle bags for everyday use. We particularly fell in love with the large carry on doctors bag, which is not only a new shape for AAKS, but has pom-poms, leather and a pop of bright red too – what more could you want?

To accompany their existing confidence in weaving, this collection boasts AAKS’s new confidence in the use of leather straps and handles running over the cross body bags - which elevates the pieces to a new level of class and luxury. The campaign, as usual, is beautifully photographed and makes it near to impossible to choose just one piece to buy. Head to Elle Lokko in Osu to pick up one of these beautifully handcrafted pieces. 

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