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How to spruce up your Accra pad

Liven up your place with some fresh flowers or pot pets. Metteliva Sofia Henningsen checks out the offers numerous outlets to turn her thumb green

Written by
Daniel Neilson

Colourful terracotta pots adorn the roadsides around Accra along with a vast number of green plants. Truth is, there is no place like a garden that can bring you peace of mind.  However, not everyone has a garden to wander around in every now and then.

Whether your place is big or small, there is always a way to bring greenery into your life. A small potted plant on a windowsill or a flower on your nightstand can do the trick. Decorating with flowers or plants can bring new life into any home.

Looking for a plant, bouquet or a single flower? You'll find everything you need in Accra’s botanical stores. From roadside junction garden centres to boutique flower shops – the selection ranges far and wide from tiny sprouts over young trees to both fresh and artificial flowers. Hunting for just the right leafy friend can bring you far around.

 Here is a list of the city’s well known places for flower and plant shopping:

‘The Flower Pot’ 
(roadside junction) At Spintex Road and Shiasie Road 

At the area around Spintex Road and Shiashie Road, you’ll see a large number of pots, green plants and smaller flowers in nearly all shapes and sizes. Known as ‘The Flower Pot’ and consists of a large number of sellers. Pictures are from Mr Richard Boafo and Juliana Obengs shops.

Selection: Varying from shop to shop. 
Opening hours: 
Open daily
Price: Ranging from 2,- to 250,- Cedis

Green Grass & Garden
8 Addo Close, East Legon, Accra

A comprehensive selection of ornamental green plants in various sizes. A boutique-like garden centre of three aviaries and friendly staff. For something different than what you find on the roadside. Also the place for fresh flower bouquets and decorating arrangements.

Selection: Greenery, potted plants and fresh flowers.

Opening hours: M-Sa: 8am-4pm

Price: Ranging from 50,- to 400,- Cedis

The Oasis
1 Addo Close, East Legon

Next to Green Grass & Garden is The Oasis specializing in ornamental plants (mostly greenery), exotic plants and a few orchids. They also have seeds, fertilizers and more. Explore the two outdoor aviaries for local plants and flowers. 

Selection: Greenery, potted plants, a few flowers and orchids

Opening hours: M-Sa: 8am-4pm

Price: Ranging from 50 – 300,- Cedis

Asafoatse Odweni Ln at 3rd ringway estates, Accra

A boutique shop specialising in fresh orchids, roses and bouquets of fresh flowers. You’ll find small cactuses and a different selection of shiny pots here too.

Selection: Orchids and fresh cut flowers

Opening hours: M-Sa: 9am-6:30pm

Price: Ranging from 25,- to 300,- Cedis


Unique Floral Centre
Blohum Rd, Accra

This place is all about the flowers both fresh and artificial. This is the ‘go to’ place for everyone without a green thumb. They are also an Interflora Unique Floral Centre for delivery service. The shop consists of two floors. The ground floor is filled with vases, party supplies, cards and gift-wrapping. On entering second floor you’ll be greeted by an overwhelming amount of artificial stems, centrepieces and house decorating arrangements.
Selection: Fresh and artificial flowers.Bouquets and decorative arrangements
Opening hours: M-Sa: 8am-6pm

Price: Ranging from 25 – 300,- Cedis


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